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A zealot, light worshipping, roleplaying guild on Defias Brotherhood

#zealot, light, worshipping, roleplaying, guild, defias, brotherhood

Crusading Spirit Fleet

I've seen them, in the darkness, hiding between the stars. Hundreds, thousands of ships, a fleet of menace and grace. Repent! Repent now! Absolve your sins! When they come it will be to l

covenant, elite, sangheili, halo, bungie, reach, industries, #zealot, minor, major, ultra, ranger, spec, field, marshall, general, separatist, officer, supreme, commander, saal, voro

Zealot Asura HNMLS

Final Fantasy XI online NA/EU/JP linkshell community on the Asura server.

final, fantasy, na/eu/jp, linkshell, community, asura, server.

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